A Life Exposed

I need to mention here Lesley Branagan's recent (2013) film 'A Life Exposed', the story of Robyn Beeche's transformation from a successful fashion photographer in 1980's London to one of the foremost documentary photographers working in India today. Travelling to India on a fashion assignment, for Robyn it was love at first sight and she never looked back. After 13 trips in the space of two years she took up residence in the ashram at Vrindaban and has been working from there ever since, principally documenting the practice and rituals of Hinduism which are in steady decline in the new, modernising India.

Lesley's film deals with both 'halves' of Robyn's career and is available on DVD in 28 or 52 minute versions, thoroughly recommended.

I met Robyn while passing through Vrindaban back in 1996 and can affirm that she is not only an outstanding photographer but also a delightful, kind and down to earth woman, always supportive and ready to help others along. See the film and judge for yourself!