Rob Boler Exhibition

We've been today to the opening of Rob's joint exhibition with Patrick Byrd at the Jesus Centre in Northampton's Abington Square. First let me say that while it's a splendid venue, the exhibit isn't on a religious theme; what you will see if you get there is a dozen or so cracking shots selected from Rob's steadily-expanding portfolio of pictures from Northampton's historic 'boot & shoe' quarter. Typically for Rob they are 'people' pictures, and fine ones at that. Some focus on the traders and craftsmen of the area, others skilfully explore rather less accessible subjects. I was particularly taken with his shots from charity projects in the district, which have captured at once the toughness of life for those who live on the streets, but also a mood of boisterous good humour which dodges the stereotypes firmly. Well done Rob! Definitely worth a look.