On this page I shamelessly list friends, acquaintances and role-models, and their contact links; some of those who support and inspire my efforts.
You may also like:

Hans Sylvester - his book 'Desert Eves' is still I think the best photographic work to come out of Rajasthan

Steve McCurry - all but created the genre of travel portraiture, and has set the pace for the last decade or two.

Mitchell Kanashkevich - up and coming -


Rob Boler - stalwart friend and co-conspirator

Robyn Beeche -


Robyn Davidson - her book 'Desert Places' is a real treat for anyone in love with India / Rajasthan. Amazing woman.


Hannah Birkett -

Sonia Almeida -

Film Makers:

Vijay Singh (Jaya Ganga) -

Pepe Ozan & Melitta Tchaicovsky (Jaisalmer Ayo!) -

Lesley Branagan - (A Life Exposed)

Models, all highly recommended:

Holly -

Kayt -

Becky -

Nhuc -

Amy -